Bulrush Gin

Why run when you can sip?

Goodness gracious. We turned our heads for a minute, and in the blink of an eye five new options for the responsible drinker appeared here at Barracuda Bob’s.

Let’s be very straightforward with the runners descending on Savannah for this week’s marathon: We truly admire anyone willing to train for months, put their money where their running shoes are and then take a self-guided 26-mile tour of Savannah’s idyllic streets.

But the truth is, we’d prefer to find a nice bench with a view of the river, spend a fraction of the money on a cold beer or tasty cocktail and remain perfectly still. So a tip of the cap to all you pasta-fueled, Michelob Ultra-loving runners as you go by. For the rest of us, here’s what’s been added to the Barracuda Bob’s sipping menu:

  1. Bulrush Gin, hailing from a distillery in neighboring South Carolina. This is a recreational gin that is ideal for a pitcher of gimlets, especially if you enjoy them close to the seaside as possible. The gin is versatile, easy-drinking and slap full of botanicals sourced both locally and beyond. Gin and this part of the world go back a long way together. We’re proud to be pouring one that came from our corner of the coastline.
  2. Terrapin Moo-Hoo Chocolate Stout, an annual favorite of ours. This dark, creamy-dreamy stout from Athens, Ga., comes loaded with hints of dark chocolate, roasted malt and caramel. Mmmmm.
  3. Taterlicious Ale from Moon River Brewing Co. … they’re practically our next-door neighbors, just up the steps on Bay Street. This seasonal doozie is actually a pumpkin-yam brew! No, you shut up! It’s a toasty harvest amber conceived to celebrate fall and made with North Carolina sweet potatoes.
  4. Sam Adams Winter Lager has been circling our taste buds in a holding pattern and has been cleared to land. This rich, bock winter beer is spiced with cinnamon, ginger and orange peel. It will definitely keep you warm while you’re shoveling snow … or whatever you can find to shovel this winter.
  5. Ballast Point Victory At Sea, last but by no means least. This imperial porter with coffee and vanilla is so highly rated that it’s practically the gold standard in its category. Don’t be deceived by the delicate balance of cold-brew coffee and caramel undertones. At 10% ABV, this one packs a whallop.

Whew, that’s way too much to sip on at once, so you should plan to comes see us often.

Let’s close out the day with a fun on-topic quote:

“Good people drink good beer.”

— Hunter S. Thompson, Fear And Loathing In Las Vegas