Ghost Coast

Ghost Coast Distillery Makes A Splash At Barracuda Bob’s

While we have been pouring Vodka 261 from Ghost Coast for some time, this week marks the beginning of an all-in partnership with our neighborhood distillery.

As of today, we are happy to announce that Vodka 261 is being joined by its orange-flavored companion and two brand new whiskeys. Ghost Coast has launched ginger- and honey-flavored whiskeys named Broughton & Whitaker. We are proud to be the first ones on our block to be pouring these delicious spirits.

For those of you who don’t know, Ghost Coast is the very first distillery in Savannah since the days of Prohibition. The distillery’s founders like to say Ghost Coast was “born from revelry.” What they mean by that is Savannah has a long, colorful history that often has been tied to tippling.

We at Barracuda Bob’s are of a like mind, which is why you will find the largest, and best, selection of distilled spirits on River Street here. And today, it got even better.

Made from corn and wheat, Vodka 261 in either style (original or orange) can be used in any vodka cocktail. Both are distilled multiple times to ensure smoothness and then triple filtered. As of this week, Barracuda Bob’s will be featuring Vodka 261 in our Original Moscow Mule.

The Broughton & Whitaker whiskeys are rye-forward. The honey whiskey features only two ingredients — whiskey and honey, of course. The honey comes from the Savannah Bee Company. The other selection works pretty much the same way. The delicious ginger syrup is produced by Savannah’s Verdant Kitchen.

Some of us at Barracuda Bob’s will soon be enjoying a tour and opportunity to taste over at Ghost Coast, which is just a hop, skip and a cocktail from here. If you haven’t made the pilgrimage, you should clear your calendar and get to it. Do a little sipping at the distillery to pick out your favorites and then get on over here for some Guinness wings and maybe a Tuna Burger. What are you waiting for?

We’ll see you by the river side.