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Q & A with Barracuda Bob

Q: So where the heck is Barracuda Bob’s Bar & Grill?

A: I’m glad you asked. We’re just a few degrees off top dead center in the heart of Savannah’s historic River Street district. At 19 East River Street, we are just a cobblestone’s throw away from the Savannah River and all the waterfront has to offer. Click here for walking directions.

Q: Dude, you sound like a commercial real estate broker. Speaking of the waterfront, what gives with all those old buildings?

A: Two hundred years ago, cotton was the cash crop that fired the economic engine of colonial Georgia. River Street is lined with former cotton warehouses – more than 80,000 square feet of them – now occupied by more than 70 shops, restaurants and other businesses. Ours, the John D. Mongins Warehouse, was built in 1824.

Q: Seriously? Barracuda Bob’s, cash crop, economic engine? What gives with your lurid, lingering love of alliteration? Are you the host of a travel show on PBS or something?

A: I feel like those questions were rhetorical and, as such, need no reply.

Q: All this talk is making me hungry. What kind of cuisine do you have?

A: First of all, we call it food. The kind we have is delicious. If you forced my hand, I suppose I’d say we’re a little more ocean-to-plate than we are farm-to-table. But the truth is, our menu is longer than the federal income tax form instructions. Seafood is king here – fresh cut salmon, swordfish, regionally sourced scallops and on and on and on – but we have plenty to offer for fans of dry-land fare. Hand-cut steaks, the best burgers on River Street, salads and sandwiches. We also make some Southern staples and Lowcountry classics. There really is something for everyone here.

Q: You should be president of the chamber of commerce. Got anything to help wash down all that “food” you are fixin’?

A: That’s a great question. In addition to all the soft drinks you’d expect, we offer the largest selection of top-quality distilled spirits around. We have a great wine selection, too. Oh, and did I mention that we pour more than 100 different beers here, 18 of them on tap?

Q: Hey, chucklehead, who’s asking the questions here?

A: Sorry.

Q: Is it true that they call you Barracuda Bob because in 1841, you were the captain of the Pequod, a barracuda fishing boat sailing out of New Bedford, and that you were a strict disciplinarian who exhorted his men to find Moby Dick, the great white barracuda, and that you lost your leg to that creature and were desperate for revenge?

A: Uh, no.

Q: I see. Then, is it possible that you are a wholly fictitious creation, a person who does not even exist? Is it in fact possible that your entire existence is the product of a long-ago, cocktail-fueled conversation regarding hypothetical business names among a few alliteration-loving, local restaurant operators?

A: I’m sorry. It appears we’re all out of time. No more questions.